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Personal Image Workshop

At IES Frei Martín Sarmiento we are very satisfied with the result of the “I Personal Image Workshop”, which gave continuity to those held 25 years ago and which we took up again this year with great enthusiasm and with the intention that they would be of interest to our students and also to the students of the invited schools.

In the morning sessions, these days included training reports common to the specialities of Hairdressing and Aesthetics, and each of the afternoons was oriented specifically to each of the branches.

The audience had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the professional experience of former students of this centre, and we are sure that their experience was very inspiring for all attendees.

We would like to thank IES Montecelo for their collaboration in the design of the posters and information leaflets, as well as for the beautiful floral centrepiece that decorated our table.

Thanks to all the invited schools for wanting to share this experience with us, to our students and, of course, to all the speakers for their generosity in sharing their knowledge with us.

We would especially like to thank the team of hostesses for the important work they carried out during these days and the three teachers who were the soul of this conference, Patricia Diz, Toñi Fenández and Mercedes Dios.

With the hope that this is the first of many more days, we hope that you have learned and enjoyed yourselves very much.