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Habelas Hailas

We present the short film entitled “Habelas Hailas”, made by the students of Image and Sound of the Bachillerato de Artes.

Based on an idea by Gadea Bravo,
with original music by Lucía Costas,
performed by Jorge Dafonte and María Blanco,
behind the camera, Gadea Bravo and Lucía Leiro,
sound recording and post-production by César Outón,
with sound assistant Nadia Amoedo,
script by Saray Soage,
script assistant, Ana Coego,
attrezo and make-up by Raúl Señoráns, Antía Iglesias, Brais González and Ali Sáa.

With the collaboration of the Department of Linguistic Normalization and under the supervision and coordination of the teacher Mercedes Moreno, you will see that the result is fantastic.

Congratulations to the whole team!

Watch the short film Habelas Hailas